Use my email cold pitch system and begin getting new clients in as little as one week!

A self-paced program that shows you behind the scenes of my Email Cold Pitch System. Use this process and send out heaps of email pitches that still have a personalized one-on-one feel.

Does this sound like you?

“I know I need to be doing more outreach, but it seems so time-consuming and daunting every time I try.”

“I’ve tried everything and I’m just not getting more clients.”

“Sending cold pitches sounds awful to me!”

You're Ready
for More Clients . . .

but you need a system for consistently reaching them.

The Email Cold Pitch System is

Right for You If

● You want to gain new clients or grow your referral network with a daily/weekly TANGIBLE action you an take.

● You want to send out a ton of cold pitches that still feel like a direct email.

● You want a proven system that makes sending your emails quick, easy, and profitable.

What's Included?

A Behind the Scenes Look at
The Whole System

Watch a step-by-step video walk-through of my entire system,
in less than 40 minutes.

A Behind the Scenes Look at
The Tools I Use in My System

See the exact tools I use in my system —
and HOW I use them.

A Behind the Scenes Look at
How I Do The Outreach

Watch how I implement the system + tools to send out one email per minute.


Does this include setting up the system?
These videos will show you HOW I send out cold pitches, but it does not include setting up the system. That's up to you, but it will be very easy after watching the process!

Does this purchase include any templates?

No email templates are included in this purchase because the system will work for a variety of business types. If you need templates, I have some available for purchase separately.

One template is included in the purchase — the Google Sheets spreadsheet I use to track who, what, when, where — and if I've followed up!

How many emails do I need to send to get a return on my investment?

I wish I could give you a straightforward answer to this, but it really just depends. When I built my business on cold pitching, I sent out tons of emails every week. But that consistent, steady action resulted in pie-in-the-sky dreamy clients that I LOVE working with. Like — people I consider celebrities in my niche of organizers and interior designers.

I know this WORKS. But if you plan to send 10 emails and consider yourself maxxed out, then this is likely not for you.