Gain Clients

Boost Sales

Save Time

You have an amazing organizing business.

Everyone you help gives gushing feedback. The people you serve feel so much better after working together and they’re thrilled to have found you.

But how do you help MORE people?

It’s so frustrating when you see other organizers posting so many before/afters, but you can’t get consistent traction.

You’re tired of trying everything you can think of to generate new clients. Posting on social media, attending networking events, putting together marketing materials…

It’s exhausting, right?

You're Not Alone!

As a former professional organizer and current professional copywriter for organizers, I know firsthand how hard you’re working.
The organizers I talk to fall into one of two camps — the “I’ve made it and am fully booked” camp — OR the “I love organizing, but I need more consistent work to keep this going," camp.

If you’re in the last group,
here's what I always tell my son
(and myself),

“Don’t compare your beginning to someone else’s middle, or your middle to someone else's end.” - Jon Acuff

Instead, imagine if you had a proven system to increase your referrals from realtors and other professionals. A system to boost your sales by spending only 15 minutes a day sending out emails. 

What would it feel like to
toward gaining new clients?

How would it feel to begin booking your calendar further and further out?

What would you do with the steady income?

You've thought about reaching out to realtors in your area...

But, what the heck would you say?

And don't people get too much
email these days anyway?
They'll never read it.

What would you even write in an email that would get them to RESPOND?

If that sounds like you,
here's the thing:

You don’t have to write them,
because I’ve already done that for you!

Email marketing still touts between $36-45
return on investment for EVERY DOLLAR SPENT. (Says FORBES, not just me.)
People still read emails.

Maybe you’ve reached out to potential referral sources, but what did you write? Did you tell them what you do and who you do it for?

— OR —

Did you tie WHAT YOU DO directly to how it BENEFITS THEM?

Did you send out a LOT of emails?

Did you follow up after sending the first one?

The Professional Organizer Outreach Templates
are perfect for you if . . .

You’re a DOER who likes crossing things off lists.

You want a TANGIBLE ACTION — something you can do every day or every week — that will result in more clients.

You’re READY to take action and grow your business by talking to people.

What's Included?

  • INSTANT access to all five templates in two formats — Google Docs and Word.
    You could literally begin sending emails today!

  • Video tutorial on how to use the document.

  • Instructions on where to personalize the template.

One Realtor Email Template

My most common request — a letter for connecting with local realtors in your area. Fill in the blanks and begin sending them out TODAY.

One Moving Company Email Template

Moving companies encounter homeowners and renters when they're stressed and overwhelmed. The perfect time to tell them about professional organizing! But why would they want to? We explain in the template!

Interior Designer Picture
One Interior Designer Email Template

An email template that identifies how a professional organizer will benefit an interior designer AND their clients. It's all about the benefits!

One Builder + Contractor Email Template

Use this template to explain to builders how the model home dream sometimes comes to an end when homeowners move in with all their STUFF. You can keep the model home dream alive!

One Stager Email Template

A cluttered home can't be staged! Use this email template to reach out to stagers and connect over how you can help their clients.

One Follow Up Email Template

SO IMPORTANT!The follow up can make or break the difference in your results. And it's tastefully written! 😄

Get Instant Access to the Templates


How many emails do I need to send to get a return on my investment?
I wish I could give you a straightforward answer to this, but it really just depends. When I built my business on cold pitching, I sent out tons of emails every week. But that consistent, steady action resulted in pie-in-the-sky dreamy clients that I LOVE working with. Like — people I consider celebrities in my niche of organizers and interior designers.
Real Talk: I know this WORKS. But if you plan to send 10 emails and consider yourself maxxed out, then this is likely not for you.

What these templates are NOT

More Real Talk: Unfortunately, I don’t have a magic sauce that will result in tons of new clients TOMORROW. (Could you imagine if I DID!? I'd be Scrooge McDuck, just swimmin' in ALL the gold!)

But if you’re willing to put in the work (which isn’t much — mostly copying + pasting!) and take consistent daily/weekly action, you will see results.