You want to help more people love their homes, but . . .

you feel completely stuck on your website.

And what's holding you back?

Writing your website copy.

Enroll in What the Heck Do I Write On My Website? 
and write three pages of your website in five weeks or less.

A self-paced program for professional organizers and interior designers that teaches you how to write your own website to attract MORE of your ideal people.

You'll learn insider copywriting tools that help you increase sales and clients.

You'll learn to lean into your voice so you can build the know, like, and trust factor that turns leads into paying clients.

You Know You're Good At Creating Beautiful Spaces

But when it comes to writing your website...

does this ever sound like you?

“I know I need a website, but I never get around to writing the words!”

“I’ve tried writing my website but I don’t know what in the heck to say.”

“I get completely stuck when I need to write my website."


What The Heck Do I Write On My Website?

is the right program for you if —

● You want to love your website without spending a fortune.

● You’re ready to grow your business —
just as soon as your website is up and running!

● You’re ready to finish updating your website and
focus on the hands-on work you

● You love the idea of people reading your website and knowing you're the perfect solution to their problems — but you're not ready to hire someone to write it for you.

You're ready to get the writing DONE so you can finally finish your website and move on to bigger and better things!

If you've tried to write the words for your website and you've gotten completely stuck, you are NOT alone.

The people I work with most often are just like you!

● They've tried templates, only to get 'meh' results.

● They've started their business, gotten clients, but felt like their website (or lack thereof!) was holding them back.

● They've found beautiful website layouts, but wonder what in the heck to plug into all those blank sections...

They wanted their website DONE but had no idea what to write.

● Writing their website just kept getting bumped further and further down on their to-do list.

If you’re ready to​ get your website DONE but the words are holding you back, then you belong in
What the Heck Do I Write On My Website?

You will:

● Learn everything you need to cover on your Home Page, About Page, and Services Page

● Have access to a copywriter who writes websites ALL. THE. TIME.

Finish your website and begin attracting the people you truly love working with.*

 *YOU will be writing your website. Finishing your website is truly up to you, but I'll be available if you have questions along the way and will do everything I can to help you GET. IT. DONE. And from what I know about you, you’re a doer, so I’m confident we’ll get you set up for success together.

What you can expect from

What the Heck Do I Write On My Website?

What the Heck Do I Write On My Website? is a five module course taught by Molly Winters — former professional organizer and current professional copywriter.

You’ll get five program sessions that cover my step-by-step process for writing your Home Page, Services Page, and About Page of your website. If you’re willing to put in the work, you could have your website up and running in six weeks or less and begin attracting people you LOVE working with.


Here's a closer look at what you can expect from

What the Heck Do I Write on My Website?

Module One:

Writing without doing prework is like buying containers or décor before decluttering and sorting.

We’re going to figure out just what your people want to read when they land on your website.

Module Two:

You get access to a video of me asking you the interview questions I ask my clients when I begin a project with them — projects that begin at $1,350.

● Hone in on the details your ideal people want to hear about on your website.

Module Three:
Services Page

Choose how to present your services. Make informed decisions.

Learn and implement best layouts and practices for your services.

● A framework template to guide you through writing your Services Page.

Module Four:
About Page

Learn and implement what people really want to know when they read your about page.

● Pro Tip: It's not really about you.

● A framework template to guide you through writing your About Page.

Module Five:
Home Page

How to keep people on your website.

How to get people to take action.

● A framework template to guide you through writing your Home Page.

Module Six:
Bonus Session | SEO + Email List Building

Bonus topics covered at
an introductory level

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Email Marketing + List Building

How Would it Change Your Business... have your website DONE — and love the way it sounds? attract new clients that light you up and you LOVE working with? finally have your website off your list — so you can focus on helping people love their homes?


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do I need to be a professional organizer or interior designer to take this course?

A: NOPE! Everything we discuss will be customizable to your particular audience.

Q: Will I have a completed website by the time we’re done?

A: We’ll be focusing on the writing only — but if you line up the right web designer or plan to do it yourself, you could definitely work in tandem and have your website very nearly done within six weeks. That’s up to you.

Q: Will this help me with parts of my business besides my website?

A: ABSOLUTELY! We’re covering a ton of foundational pieces of copywriting — writing designed to get people to take action. You can begin applying what you learn to your email marketing, social media, sales pages — anywhere you use words — and begin seeing more clicks, sign-ups, responses, and sales.

Q: Do I need writing experience to write my website?

A: Have you written an email before? Or are you okay-ish with sending out an annual Christmas card? Then you’ll be just fine! You don’t need an English degree to write your website. I don’t have one and I’ve written plenty of them!

Q: I hate writing. Should I take this course?

A: Maybe. Maybe not. Do you truly hate writing and never write in any parts of your life?

Or are you hung up when it comes to writing about yourself? Do you feel braggy when you write about your business? Or feel salesy? I can work with you on those last few, but if you truly hate writing in any capacity then this may not be the course for you because it does come down to you doing the work. If that sounds awful, then you may be better off hiring a fabulous copywriter to do it for you. If only you knew someone who does stuff like that… 🙂 Send me an email and let’s chat.

Hi there, I'm Molly!

If you're wondering who the heck I am and why I'm here to help you with the copywriting on your website, here's me in a nutshell:

● I ran my own professional organizing business from 2007-2010.

● I got married, moved several times, had kids → went into marketing so I could work from home.

● Discovered a passion for copywriting on-the-job.

● Trained as a copywriter so I could write for professional organizers and interior designers.

Over the years, I have...

Read and written a ton of websites for professional organizers + interior designers.

It's kind of my thing! So let's do this.

Molly Winters Picture

What This Course is NOT

What the Heck Do I Write On My Website? is NOT an English class. I do not teach grammar. I DO teach you how to write in a professional and friendly way that connects with your ideal reader and helps them see you as the solution to their problem. That's how we build stronger connections and increase sales.
You can use Grammarly or a friend for the fine-tuning. 😄